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Hi, my name is Anastasiia. I’m a photographer and I specialize in branding and individual photography. I’m confident that I can deliver exactly what you are looking for.
This is a photography proposal outlining my service options and pricing. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.I help my clients to preserve memories and portray themselves/ their product in the best light.I’m passionate about my work as well as my client’s satisfaction.
My service includes:
-photo styling development
-product shooting
At the customer’s request, shooting can take place in a specially equipped studio, as well as on location.It’s important for me to find an individual approach to each client, this is why the price and the terms of the photo shoot are discussed in person.

  Best regards, Anastasiia

Photographer Fotograf


Thank you.

Our employee will contact you shortly!

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